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Using AutoSum
the meaning of each possible error that could be returned from the
Each function has an example section composed of an embedded Excel
Web App worksheet. You can click the XL icon in the footer of the ex-
ample to download the example to your computer.
The See Also section at the bottom of a Help topic enables you to
discover related functions. The logical groupings suggested by See
Also are far more useful than the category groupings in the Formu-
las tab.
Using AutoSum
Microsoft realizes that the most common function is the SUM() function. It is
so popular that Excel provides one-click access to the AutoSum feature.
Pressing Alt+= is equivalent to clicking the AutoSum icon.
The AutoSum icon is the large Greek letter sigma that is the second icon on the
Formulas tab or a small icon on the right side of the Home tab. You can click
this icon to use AutoSum, or you can use the drop-down at the bottom of the
icon to access AutoSum versions of Average, Count Numbers, Max, and Min,
as shown in Figure 10.7 .
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