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Potential Problems with AutoSum
Figure 10.9.
Figure 10.9. Numeric headings confuse AutoSum.
Numeric headings confuse AutoSum.
When Excel proposes the wrong range for a sum, you use your mouse to high-
light the correct range before pressing Enter.
Excel avoids including other SUM() functions in an AutoSum range. If a range
contains a SUM() function that references other cells, Excel prematurely
stops just before the SUM() function. This problem happens only when the
SUM() function references other cells. If the cell contained =7000+1878 or
=H3+H4 or =SUM(7000,1878), AutoSum would include the cell.
Excel prefers to sum a column of numbers instead of a row of numbers. Figure
10.10 shows a strange anomaly. If you place the cell pointer in cell F2 and
click AutoSum, Excel correctly guesses that you want to total B2:E2. Cell
F3 works fine. However, when you get to cell F4, Excel has a choice. There
are two numbers above F4 and four numbers to the left of F4. Because there
are two numbers directly above, Excel tries to total those two numbers. This
problem seems to happen only in the third row of the data set. After that,
Excel sees that the three cells above are all summing across the rows, and
AutoSum works perfectly in F5:F10.
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