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11. Using Everyday Functions: Math, Date and Time, and Text Functions
11. Using
Using Everyday
Everyday Functions:
Functions: Math,
Math, Date
Date and
and Time,
Time, and
Text Functions
Excel offers many functions for dealing with basic math, dates and times, and
text. This chapter describes the functions found under the Text icon, the Date
& Time icon, and the Math portion of the Math & Trig icon on the Formulas tab.
Trig functions are covered in Chapter 15 , Using Trig, Matrix, and Engineering
Functions .
A few of the new functions in Excel 2013 fall into this chapter:
NUMBERVALUE Converts text numbers to their number value, even
when the text contains foreign punctuation. For example, your country
might show numbers as $1,234.56. A text file from a foreign subsidiary
might include that same number with punctuation of $1.234,56. The new
NUMBERVALUE provides a formulaic way to convert the text to num-
bers. This might be useful if there was some reason you could not use
Text to Columns.
ARABIC Converts Roman numerals stored as text back to numbers.
This might be useful if you cannot figure out that Super Bowl XLIX is
the 49th time the game has been played. Actually,
=ROMAN(ARABIC(A1)+1) is a nice way to increment Roman numerals.
COMBINA These functions provide a way to calculate
combinations and to calculate combinations where repeats are al-
lowed, respectively. They join PERMUT and PERMUATIONA.
UNICODE These functions extend the functionality of
CHAR and CODE, respectively, beyond the 255 ASCII character set.
DAYS Calculates the number of days between two dates. This func-
tion works with dates stored as text in addition to regular dates, and it
prevents you from having to use
=IF(ISNUMBER(A2),A2,DATEVALUE(A2)) to convert a text date to a date.
ISOWEEKNUM Calculates the ISO week number. In the ISO system, a
year is made up of either 52 or 53 full weeks (364 or 371 days). Weeks
start on Monday. The week that contains the first Thursday of the
year is numbered Week 1.
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