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11. Using Everyday Functions: Math, Date and Time, and Text Functions
In addition, two functions have been renamed in Excel 2013. Microsoft had
introduced CEILING.PRECISE and FLOOR.PRECISE in Excel 2010. These are
now renamed as CEILING.MATH and FLOOR.MATH. How do these differ from
CEILING and FLOOR? They are the same for positive numbers. For example,
CEILING(1.23) will be 2. The difference is for negative numbers. When asked
to calculate CEILING(-1.23), Excel would round away from 0 and provide 2
as the answer. Mathematicians point out that 1 is the integer above
1.23. CEILING.MATH(-1.23) will return 1 as a concession of this point to
the mathematicians.
Table 11.1 provides an alphabetical list of all of Excel 2013 s math func-
tions. Detailed examples of these functions are provided later in this
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