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Examples of Math Functions
ult. For example, =SUM(1,2,"3") will be 6, yet =SUM(D4:D6) in Figure 11.1 res-
ults in 3.
The comma is treated as a union operator. If you replace the comma with a
space, Excel finds the cells that fall in the intersection of the selected
ranges. In cell E17, the formula of =SUM(F13:H14 G12:G15) adds up the two
cells that are in common between the two ranges.
If one cell in a referenced range contains an error, the result of the SUM
function is an error. To add numbers while ignoring error cells, use the
AGGREGATE function.
It is valid to create a spearing formula. This type of formula adds the
identical cell from many worksheets. For example, =SUM(Jan:Dec!B20) adds
cell B20 on all 12 sheets between Jan and Dec. If the sheet names contain
spaces or other nonalphabetic characters, surround the sheet names with
apostrophes: =SUM('Jan 2011:Dec 2011'!B20).
To quickly enter a SUM formula, you can press Alt+= or click the AutoSum
icon on the Formulas tab. In Figure 11.2 , clicking the AutoSum icon adds
totals to the 13 selected blank cells all at once (see Figure 11.3 ) .
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