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Figure 11.7.
Figure 11.7. TRUNC
and INT
INT are nearly identical, except when the numbers be-
are nearly identical, except when the numbers be-
come negative.
come negative.
Three more functions ROUND, ROUNDUP, and ROUNDDOWN round a number
to a specified number of decimal places. They all take the following argu-
number This is the number you want to round.
num_digits This specifies the number of digits to which you want to
round number.
With ROUND, if the number of digits is zero, the number is rounded to the
nearest integer, following these rules:
Values up to 0.4999999 are rounded toward zero. For example,
ROUND(1.49999,0) results in 1, and ROUND(-1.49999,0) results in 1.
Values of 0.5 and above are rounded away from zero. For example,
ROUND(1.5,0) results in 2, and ROUND( 1.5,0) results in 2.
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