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The last five functions in this group MROUND, CEILING, CEILING.MATH,
FLOOR, and FLOOR.MATH round a number to a certain multiple. They re-
quire you to enter the number and the multiple to which to round. They all
take the following arguments:
number This is the number you want to round.
significance This is the nearest multiple that you want
to round toward. Note that if numberis negative, multipleor signific-
ancemust also be negative.
Suppose that you handle pricing for a line of products. Your general rule is
to mark up the product cost, which results in a series of strange prices, such
as $185.9375, as shown in Figure 11.10 . To round each price to the nearest in-
crement of $5, you use =MROUND(C2,5). You could also use MROUND to round
to the nearest quarter: =MROUND(C2,0.25).
multipleor significance
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