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Figure 11.11.
Figure 11.11. CEILING
CEILING rounds a number up to the next multiple.
rounds a number up to the next multiple.
CEILING rounds away from zero. If you use =CEILING( 9, 6), the function
rounds 9 to 12.
The ISO standard for calculating CEILING disagrees with Excel s calcu-
lation of CEILING for negative numbers. In Excel, CEILING( 2.5, 1) would
round the 2.5 to a lower number of 3. The ISO standard says that CEILING
should always round up. If you are at 2.5, the next higher value is actu-
ally 2.
You should watch for one strange behavior with MROUND, FLOOR,
and CEILING. If the number is negative, you must ensure that the
second argument for the function is also negative. Certainly, in some
situations you won t know in advance whether your numbers will be
negative. If you think that your numbers might be a mix of positive and
negative values, you should use =MROUND(C2,5*SIGN(C2)). This en-
sures that the second parameter matches the sign of the first para-
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