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Excel 2010 introduced the new CEILING.PRECISE function and Excel 2013 re-
named this to CEILING.MATH. Here are the differences between CEILING and
The significanceargument is optional in CEILING.MATH. When omit-
ted, the significance is assumed to be 1.
CEILING.MATH( 2.5) rounds up to 2 instead of 3.
In Excel 2007, the numberand significancehad to have the same sign.
Previously, =CEILING( 2,1) or =CEILING(2, 1) would have evalu-
ated to a #NUM error. Starting in Excel 2010, either
=CEILING.MATH(-2.5,1) or =CEILING.MATH(2.5, 1) calculates
without a problem. Excel 2013 still calculates =CEILING(2.5, 1) as a
#NUM! error. However, strangely, =CEILING( 2.5,1) no longer returns
#NUM!. Excel 2013 returns 2, which is more like the
Figure 11.12 contrasts CEILING and CEILING.MATH.
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