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Using =COMBIN to Figure Out Lottery Probability
The PI function returns the number 3.14159265358979, the mathematical con-
stant, accurate to 15 digits.
=COMBIN to Figure Out Lottery Probability
to Figure Out Lottery Probability
Your office lottery pool might agree to bet $1 on the lottery each week but
to double the bet when the jackpot is a higher payout than the odds against
The COMBIN function can figure out the number of combinations for most lot-
tery systems. If you have to correctly select six numbers out of a pool of 48
numbers, you can use =COMBIN(48,6) to find that there are 12.27 million com-
The COMBIN function assumes that you don t care about the se-
quence of the numbers chosen. If you have to worry about the se-
quence, you should use =PERMUT. It also assumes that you cannot
repe at a choice. Excel 2013 now offers COMBINA to calculate when
an item can be selected multiple times.
Figure 11.26 shows a variety of lottery odds.
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