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It is difficult to find real-world uses for FACTDOUBLE. notes some interesting uses for FACTDOUBLE (N)
where N is between 1 and 2, but Excel does not calculate
FACTDOUBLE for negative numbers. Fans of the poker game Texas
Hold Em will be delighted to know that FACTDOUBLE is useful
in calculating Texas Hold Em probabilities. For complete details,
look up Poker Probabilities (Texas Hold Em) in Wikipedia. Round-
robin sporting tournaments can also use FACTDOUBLE.
By definition, FACT(0) is 1. To figure out how many different ways you can
arrange five people in a line, use =FACT(5).
There is a similar function called FACTDOUBLE. A double factorial mul-
tiplies every other number. For even numbers, this is a calculation such
as FACTDOUBLE(8) = 8*6*4*2. For odd numbers, the calculation is
FACTDOUBLE(9) = 9*7*5*3*1.
Various factorials are shown in Figure 11.27 .
Figure 11.27.
Figure 11.27. Excel calculates the
Excel calculates the FACT
FACT and
FACTDOUBLE of various num-
of various num-
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