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Using PRODUCT to Multiply Numbers
The PRODUCT function multiplies all the numbers given as arguments and re-
turns the product. The arguments number1, number2,... are one to 255 numbers
that you want to multiply. If you pass a single-cell argument that contains
a text representation of a number, it is used in the multiplication. However, if
one of the arguments is a multicell range, any text entry in that range is ig-
In Figure 11.31 , an array formula in B16 finds all the steps matching a par-
ticular book and multiplies the completion flags together. If 100% of the
steps for a book are marked with a 1 to indicate complete, the product will
also be 1. If any step is incomplete, the product will be 0. Note that the for-
mula in B16 needs to be completed by holding down Ctrl+Shift while pressing
Figure 11.31.
Figure 11.31. PRODUCT
PRODUCT can check to see whether all steps are nonzero.
can check to see whether all steps are nonzero.
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