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Figure 11.33.
Figure 11.33. The new
The new SUMIFS()
SUMIFS() function is used to create this summary by
function is used to create this summary by
region and product.
region and product.
The AVERAGEIFS() function is similar to SUMIFS(). It returns the average
(arithmetic mean) of all cells that meet multiple criteria. The arguments are
the same as for SUMIFS().
COUNTIFS(range1,criteria1[,range2, criteria2...])
COUNTIFS() counts the number of cells in a range that meet multiple criteria.
The COUNTIFS() syntax is a bit different from the syntax of the other func-
tions. With COUNTIFS(), there is no need to specify sum_range. The arguments
in COUNTIFS() consist of pairs specifying criteria. The first argument in
each pair specifies a criteria region. The second argument in each pair speci-
fies the criteria value to match.
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