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Dates and Times in Excel
Although most Excel date issues can be resolved with formatting, you
should be aware of some real date problems:
On a Macintosh, Excel dates are stored since January 1, 1904. If you
are using a Mac, your serial number for a date in 2015 will be differ-
ent from that on a Windows PC. Excel handles this conversion when
files are moved from one platform to another:
Excel dates cannot handle dates in the 1800s or before. This
really hacks off all my friends who do genealogy. If your Great-
Great-Great Uncle Silas was born on February 17, 1895, you are
going to have to store that as text.
Excel dates from January 1, 1900 through March 1, 1900 are gen-
erally wrong. See Figure 11.34 and the following sidebar for more
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