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DATEDIF has been in Excel forever, but it was only documented in Ex-
cel 2000. Why doesn t Microsoft reveal DATEDIF in Help? Probably
because of the strange anomaly when you try to calculate the gap
from the 31st of January to the 1st of March in a non-leap year.
The D version of DATEDIF reports this as 29 days. This is cor-
The M version of DATEDIF reports this as one full month. This
has to be correct because the dates span the entire month of Febru-
The MD version of DATEDIF reports this as a negative 2 days
in excess of a full month. See cell D9 in Figure 11.45 . This is simply
the downside of trying to express a measurement in months, when the
length of a month is not constant. Negative values for this version
of DATEDIF happen only when the end date is March 1 or March 2.
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