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Using International Versions of WORKDAY or NETWORKDAYS
Using International Versions of
Using International Versions of WORKDAY
Two functions introduced in Excel 2010 expand the WORKDAY and
NETWORKDAYS functions for situations where the work week is not Monday
through Friday. The most common example is a weekend on Friday and
Saturday, which has become popular in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab
Emirates, and Algeria. It also handles the situation where a manufacturing
plant is working six days and the weekend is only Sunday.
Both of these functions work as their noninternational equivalents, with the
addition of having the weekend specified as two specific consecutive days of
the week.
Here are the values for the weekendargument:
1 Weekend on Saturday and Sunday
2 Weekend on Sunday and Monday
3 Weekend on Monday and Tuesday
4 Weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday
5 Weekend on Wednesday and Thursday
6 Weekend on Thursday and Friday
7 Weekend on Friday and Saturday
111 Sunday only
112 Monday only
113 Tuesday only
114 Wednesday only
115 Thursday only
116 Friday only
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