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Examples of Text Functions
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Examples of Text Functions
When they think of Excel, most people think of numbers. Excel is great at
dealing with numbers, and it lets you write formulas to produce new numbers.
Excel offers a whole cadre of formulas for dealing with text.
You might sometimes be frustrated because you receive data from other
users, and the text is not in the format you need. Or the mainframe might send
customer names in uppercase, or the employee in the next department might put
a whole address into a single cell. Excel provides text functions to deal with
all these situations and more.
Joining Text with the Ampersand (
Joining Text with the Ampersand ( & ) Operator
) Operator
Chapter 8 mentions the ampersand (&) operator, but it is worth mentioning
again here because it is the most important tool for dealing with text. The &
operator enables you to join text.
Suppose you have a worksheet with first name in column A and last name in
column B, as shown in Figure 11.49 . You need to put these names together in
a single cell. If you use the formula =A2&B2 in cell C2, Excel smashes the
names together (for example, STEVENWOODWARD). Instead, you must join three
elements. In between A2 and B2, you must join a single space in double quotes.
The formula to do this is =A2&" "&B2.
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