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Figure 11.49.
Figure 11.49. You can use the
You can use the & character to join text in cells or text en-
character to join text in cells or text en-
closed in quotes.
closed in quotes.
Some people prefer to use the CONCATENATE function instead of the &. This
function does not perform the way that I want it to perform, and I generally
avoid it, but it is described in the following section.
The new Flash Fill feature can simplify this process, although the
results do not update if values in A and B later change. To read about
Flash Fill, see Chapter 2 , Introducing Flash Fill and Quick Ana-
lysis .
=CONCATENATE (text1,text2,...)
The CONCATENATE function joins several text strings into one text string.
The arguments text1, text2,... are one to 255 text items to be joined into a single
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