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returns the ASCII code for the first character in text. =CODE("A") returns
The old CHAR function did not work with characters beyond the first 255
characters. Starting in Excel 2013, the Excel team added the UNICODE func-
tion to return the Unicode character number for a character.
The CODE function returns a numeric code for the first character in a text
string. The returned code corresponds to the character set used by your com-
puter. The argument textis the text for which you want the code of the first
character. This is an important distinction. CODE returns the code for only
the first character in a cell. =CODE("A") and =CODE("ABC") return only
65 to indicate the capital letter A.
The UNICODE function returns the character code for the 100,000+ charac-
ters currently defined.
A new problem began happening in Excel in the past few years. People started
encountering values with which TRIM would not remove the spaces from the
text. For example, Figure 11.57 shows a value in cell A2 that very clearly
contains a space between the letters Aand B.
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