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Using TEXT, DOLLAR, and FIXED to Format a Number as Text
The EXACT function compares two text strings and returns TRUE if they are
exactly the same and FALSE otherwise. EXACT is case-sensitive but ignores
formatting differences. You use EXACT to test text being entered into a docu-
ment. This function takes the following arguments:
text1 This is the first text string.
text2 This is the second text string
Using TEXT
to Format a Number as Text
Excel is great at numbers. Put a number in a cell, and you can format it in a
variety of ways. However, when you join a cell containing text with a cell
containing a number or a date, Excel falls apart.
Consider Figure 11.65 . Cell A11 contains a date and is formatted as a date.
When you join the name in cell B11 with the date in cell A11, Excel automatic-
ally converts the date back to a numeric serial number. This is frustrating.
DOLLAR , and
, and FIXED
FIXED to Format a Number as Text
Figure 11.65.
Figure 11.65. TEXT
, and FIXED
FIXED can be used to format a number as
can be used to format a number as
Today, the TEXT function is the most versatile solution to this problem. If
you understand the basics of custom numeric formatting codes, you can eas-
ily use TEXT to format a date or a number in any conceivable format. For
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