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Examples of Logical Functions
Examples of Logical Functions
With only eight functions, the logical function group is one of the smallest
in Excel. The IF function is easy to understand, and it enables you to solve a
variety of problems.
Using the
Using the IIF Function to Make a Decision
Function to Make a Decision
Many calculations in our lives are not straightforward. Suppose that a
manager offers a bonus program if her team meets its goals. Or perhaps a
commission plan offers a bonus if a certain profit goal is met. You can solve
these types of calculations by using the IF function.
There are three arguments in the IF function. The first argument is any logic-
al test that results in a TRUE or FALSE. For example, you might have logic-
al tests such as these:
All logical tests involve one of the comparison operators shown in Table
12.6 .
Table 12.6. Comparison Operators
The remaining two arguments are the formula or value to use if the logical
test is true and the formula or value to use if the logical test is false.
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