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leather jacket sold on Fridays this month. In this case, the logical test re-
quires you to determine whether both conditions are true. You can do this with
the AND function.
The arguments logical1,logical2,... are from one to 255 expressions that
evaluate to either TRUE or FALSE. The function returns TRUE only if all
arguments are TRUE.
In Figure 12.2 , the function in cell F2 checks whether cell E2 is a jacket and
whether the date in cell D2 falls on a Friday:
Figure 12.2.
Figure 12.2. The
AND function is
function is TRUE
TRUE only when every condition is met.
only when every condition is met.
Using the
Using the AND
AND Function to Compare Two Lists
Function to Compare Two Lists
The AND function can handle up to 255 expressions. Each expression can con-
tain a range that might contain many instances of TRUE or FALSE.
A common issue is figuring out whether two worksheets are identical. In Figure
12.3 , columns A:E contain the original worksheet. After this worksheet was
passed among several co-workers, it ended back at your desk. Follow these
steps to compare the two worksheets:
11. Leave three blank columns columns F, G, and H to the right of your
original data.
22. Copy the data range of the returned worksheet. Paste this copy,
starting in column I of the original worksheet.
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