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Examples of Information Functions
use for the next several years. Either IFERROR or IFNA calculates much
more quickly than putting two VLOOKUPs in an IF function.
Figure 12.9.
Figure 12.9. IFERROR
IFNA will replace the
will replace the #N/A
#N/A errors.
Examples of Information Functions
Found under the More Function icon, the 20 information functions return ec-
lectic information about any cell. Eleven of the 20 functions are called the
IS functions because they test for various conditions.
Using the
Using the IIS Functions to Test for Errors
Functions to Test for Errors
Figure 12.10 shows the results of the following four functions for testing
error values:
ISERROR This function evaluates whether a calculation or value
results in any type of error. If people using only Excel 2007 or later
will use your workbooks, you should use the IFERROR function in-
stead of ISERROR. However, if you need to share your workbook with
people using legacy versions of Excel, you should use ISERROR, which
is usually combined with an IF function. Here is an example:
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