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Using IS Functions to Test for Types of Values
ISNONTEXT This returns TRUE for anything that is nontext. Num-
bers, logicals, dates, empty cells, and even error cells return TRUE
ISNUMBER This function returns TRUE for numeric cells and dates.
Note that although the empty cell A8 can be calculated as even in
cell C8, it returns FALSE to ISNUMBER in cell H8.
Figure 12.12.
Figure 12.12. The results of
The results of IIS functions for detecting certain types of val-
functions for detecting certain types of val-
The functions in this section are nearly always used with an IF function.
For example, ZIP Codes in the United States should always be five digits.
This causes problems when someone keys in a ZIP Code for certain Eastern
cities that start with a zero. For example, in cell C6 of Figure 12.13 , the
proper way to key a ZIP Code for Portland, Maine is to type an apostrophe
and then 04123
04123. Most people forget the apostrophe, and Excel drops the lead-
ing zero, as shown in cell C5.
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