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Using the INFO Function to Print Information About a Computer
44. You build a line chart based on B1:C15. You then add a trendline to the
chart to predict future fundraising totals.
55. As shown in columns A:C of Figure 12.16 , this technique fails. Even
though the totals for days 10 through 14 are blank, Excel charts
those days as zero. The linear trendline predicts that your fundrais-
ing will go down, with a projected total of just over $2,000.
66. You try the same chart again, but this time you use the NA function
instead of "" in the IF statement in step 3. The formula is shown in
cell H16, and the results are in cell J15. Excel understands that NA
values should not be plotted. The trendline is calculated based on
only the data points available and projects a total just under
In many cases, you are trying to avoid #N/A! errors. However, in the case of
charting a calculated column, you might want to have #N/A! produce the cor-
rect look to the chart.
Using the
Using the INFO
INFO Function to Print Information About a Computer
Function to Print Information About a Computer
The remaining information functions tell you some piece of information about
a particular cell or about the computer. The INFO function is left over from
Lotus 1-2-3. Some of the information it provides was useful only in Lotus.
However, a few of the options may be useful to display in an Excel spread-
The INFO function returns information about the current operating environ-
ment. The following are valid values for the type_textargument:
Directory Returns the folder where the current workbook is saved.
If the file is not yet saved, Directory returns #N/A.
NumFile Returns the number of open files. This is not just open
workbooks, but all files open on the system.
MemAvail Returns the available memory. This appears to be some
old DOS version of the memory available. Although the worksheet is
running on a computer with 8GB of memory, the function never reports
more than 1MB available.
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