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Using the INFO Function to Print Information About a Computer
MemUsed Specifies the memory in use by Excel. Clearly wrong. The
Processes tab of the Task Manager shows that Excel is using almost
100 times the memory reported by this function.
TotMem Returns the total of the previous two results.
Origin Returns the text "$A:" and the absolute cell address of the
upper-left cell visible in the current window. The "$A:" prefix is a
notation used by Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.0. You might think there could
be uses for this result. For example, =
INDIRECT(TRIM(MID(INFO("Origin"),2,50))) returns the value shown
in the upper-left corner of the visible window. However, note that be-
ginning with Excel 2007, you can use the scrollbars to change the
upper-left cell, and Excel does not recalculate, leaving the Origin
result incorrect until you change a cell in Excel.
OSVersion Returns the version number of your operating system.
Recalc Returns either Manual or Automatic to indicate the current
recalculation status. You might provide a hint to the spreadsheet
reader with =IF(INFO("Recalc")="Manual","Press F9 to calcu-
Release Specifies the release number of Excel. For Excel 2013, this
is 15.0. Excel 2010 was 14.0. Excel 2007 was 12.0. Yes, Microsoft
skipped Excel version 13.0 for superstitious reasons. When I asked if
they would actually name this version Excel 2013, the new project
manager for Excel scoffed at the idea that they would avoid Excel
2013 for superstitious reasons.
System Returns either mac or pcdos to indicate Macintosh or Win-
Figure 12.17 shows the results of several variations of the INFO function.
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