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Using the CELL Function
Figure 12.17.
Figure 12.17. A few of the argument values for
A few of the argument values for INFO()
INFO() still return useful
still return useful
Using the
Using the CELL
The CELL function can tell you specific information about a specific cell,
or it can tell you specific information about the last cell changed in the
Again, some of the types of information are a bit dated. For example, the Co-
lor argument was written in the day when a cell was either black or pos-
sibly red if the value was negative. The Prefix argument is based on when
cells could be left-aligned, centered, or right-aligned. Even though Excel
has offered several levels of indenting for a decade, the Prefix version of
the CELL function does not reveal anything about the indentation level.
CELL Function
To use the CELL function, you specify the type of information and option-
ally a cell reference. If you specify a cell reference, Excel provides in-
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