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Using CELL to Track the Last Cell Changed
Using CELL
CELL to Track the Last Cell Changed
to Track the Last Cell Changed
If you leave off the second argument of the CELL function, Excel returns the
information about the last cell changed in the workbook.
Follow these steps to create an interesting watch window of the last cells
11. In an out-of-the-way spot, enter the formula =CELL(
22. Just below this formula, enter the formula =CELL(
33. Just below that formula, enter the formula =CELL(
44. Select all three of these cells.
55. From the Formulas tab, select the Watch Window icon. The Watch Win-
dow dialog appears.
66. Click the Add Watch button in the Watch Window dialog.
77. Because initially, the default file widths are not wide enough to show
the complete value, drag the vertical bars between the headings in the
Watch Window so that you can see the complete Value and Formula
columns. The other columns for Book, Sheet, and Cell can be made
The result, as shown in Figure 12.19 , is a floating window that always re-
veals the last changed cell address and contents.
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