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1. Staying Connected Using Excel 2013
1. Staying Connected Using Excel 2013
The entire Excel installation and startup experience feels different in Office
2013. You might have purchased Office 2013 on a DVD at a store, but it is just
as likely that you purchased Office online and were able to start using Ex-
cel while Office 2013 was still downloading. You might even be renting Office
365 on a month-to-month basis, where the Click-to-Run option will download
a version of Office 2013 wherever you happen to sign in.
After Office installs, you are asked to sign in to a Windows Live account,
which facilitates saving workbooks to the cloud. After that, you can connect
Excel to many online accounts, such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and more.
Every time you start Excel, you will be confronted with a colorful Start
screen offering many built-in templates. But let s start with the best new
feature finally being able to use two monitors to show two different work-
books in the same instance of Excel.
Displaying Two Workbooks on Two Monitors
Having two monitors is common in the workplace today. Tens of millions of
people have been trying to use Excel across a two-monitor setup and it s
never pretty. Finally, in Excel 2013, it is easy to put one workbook on the left
monitor and another workbook on the right monitor. Each workbook has a rib-
bon, formula bar, status bar, and a set of Window controls (see Figure 1.1 ).
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