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Using VLOOKUP to Match Two Lists
11. Add the heading There?
There? to cell D2.
22. Because the formula in cell D3 should look at the value in cell C3 to
see whether that person is in the original list in column A, start the
formula with =VLOOKUP(C3,$A$3:$A$15,
33. Because your only choice for the column number is to return the first
column from the original list, finish the function with 1,FALSE)
1,FALSE). Then
press Ctrl+Enter to accept the formula and stay in cell D3.
44. Double-click the fill handle to copy the formula down to all rows.
Figure 12.24.
Figure 12.24. AAn #N/A
#N/A error as the result of
error as the result of VLOOKUP
VLOOKUP tells you that the
tells you that the
person is new to the list.
For any cells where column D contains a name, it means that the person was
on the RSVP list from last week. If the result of the VLOOKUP is #N/A, you
know that this person is new since the previous week.
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