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Figure 12.26.
Figure 12.26. The table in F:L is horizontal, so you use the
The table in F:L is horizontal, so you use the HLOOKUP
22. From the Home tab, select the Sort & Filter drop-down. The Sort dia-
log appears.
33. In the Sort dialog, click the Options button. The Sort Options dialog
44. In the Sort Options dialog, select Sort Left to Right. Click OK to close
the Sort Options dialog.
55. In the Sort dialog, choose to sort by row 3. Click OK to sort.
Figure 12.26 shows a tool used by the advertising department of a retail
store. The store runs annual promotions for certain holidays. The table in
F3:L8 tells the days for holidays in each of several years.
The advertising manager knows that the store wants to run a sale circular
the Sunday before the holiday and that the art department needs the material
24 days before the ad is to run. By changing the year in cell B2, the advert-
ising manager can create a new schedule for each year. To help the advert-
ising manager, follow these steps:
11. Ensure that the formula for each holiday starts as
=HLOOKUP($B$2,. This tells Excel to use the year found in cell B2
as the value to look up.
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