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Using MATCH to Compare Two Lists
MATCH to Compare Two Lists
to Compare Two Lists
You might face situations in which you have two versions of a list, and you
need to match them up.
In Figure 12.27 , the worksheet has two simple lists. Column A shows last
week s list. Column C shows this week s version of the list. You want to
find out quickly which items are new. Here s how you do it:
11. Add the heading There?
There? to cell D2.
22. Because the formula in cell D3 looks at the value in cell C3 to see if
that value is in the original list in column A, start the formula with
33. Because you want an exact match, use 0 as the third parameter. Finish
the function with a ). Press Ctrl+Enter to accept the formula and
stay in cell C3.
44. Double-click the fill handle to copy the formula down to all rows.
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