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Performing Many Lookups with LOOKUP
the formula to grab the row number from C6, C7, C8, ... as the formula
gets copied down.
66. Optionally, add a conditional format to cell D5 to highlight the cell
if this formula evaluates to TRUE: =D5>=$A5.
77. Copy the formula from cell D5 to D5:O12.
Figure 12.30.
Figure 12.30. This performs eight relatively slow
This performs eight relatively slow MATCH
MATCH functions and
functions and
then 96 relatively fast
then 96 relatively fast INDEX
INDEX functions.
The eight MATCH functions in column C take a similar amount of calculation
time as eight VLOOKUP functions would take for Warehouse 1. The advantage
of this method is that the 96 INDEX functions are much faster calculating
than 88 VLOOKUP functions. Even though this method uses 104 formulas in-
stead of the 96 formulas back in Figure 12.25 , this method calculates in one-
eighth the time.
Performing Many Lookups with
Performing Many Lookups with LOOKUP
Even Excel Help tells you to avoid the old LOOKUP function. However,
LOOKUP can do one useful trick that VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP cannot do it
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