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Understanding the Dark Side of SDI
cel window. There are ways to do this, but they aren t perfect. For example,
consider this scenario:
11. You have Workbook A open.
22. You invoke a command from Add-In B.
33. Provided that Add-In B was properly rewritten for Excel 2013, it can
successfully display a dialog on top of Workbook A.
44. Your phone rings, and you have to switch over to a browser or Word
or any other program to answer a question.
55. When you reactivate Workbook A, the dialog from Add-In B is no longer
visible. The Excel icon in the taskbar starts flashing to alert you
that something is amiss. When you click the flashing Excel icon, you
see the dialog from Add-In B.
This scenario happens to me all the time, and it is horribly frustrating. In
fact, it happened when I tried to take a screenshot of the dialog from step 3,
and I had to switch from Excel to the WinSnap screenshot-capture program. It
might happen that you do not frequently switch to other applications while
a dialog is displayed, so this might not be annoying to you. Time will tell.
The other frustration is trying to arrange many workbooks side by side. Back
in Excel 2010, you could easily have 12 workbooks tiled under a single ribbon
in a single window (see Figure 1.2 ) . Some people love to tile many workbooks in
a visible window. If you like to have multiple workbooks open, you will now
find that you have a ribbon and Window controls for each workbook.
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