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Using FORMULATEXT to Document a Worksheet
FORMULATEXT to Document a Worksheet
to Document a Worksheet
Quiz: Which Excel function is used the most in this topic? It is FORMULATEXT.
The FORMULATEXT function is brand new in Excel 2013. If you ask for the
=FORMULATEXT(A1), Excel will show the formula that is in cell A1 as text.
All the formulas shown in this topic (such as cell C1 in Figure 12.32 ) are
generated with the FORMULATEXT function.
You can use FORMULATEXT to document the formulas used in your work-
sheet. Normally, you can either print your worksheet with formulas showing
or with the results from the formulas. By using FORMULATEXT, you can
show both the formula and the result.
In Figure 12.33 , the text of the formula shown in C3 comes from a
Figure 12.33.
Figure 12.33. A FORMULATEXT
FORMULATEXT function in C3 shows the formula used in B3.
function in C3 shows the formula used in B3.
This function returns a formula as text.
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