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Using ADDRESS to Find the Address for Any Cell
To find the value of a cell described by ADDRESS, use the INDIRECT
sheet_text This is text that specifies the name of the worksheet to
be used as the external reference. If sheet_textis omitted, no sheet
name is used.
Figure 12.39 shows eight ways to describe one cell, depending on the various
combinations of absolute and A1 arguments.
Figure 12.39.
Figure 12.39. ADDRESS
ADDRESS can return a cell address in A1 or R1C1 style.
can return a cell address in A1 or R1C1 style.
The sheet_textargument is interesting. It is difficult to remember the arcane
rules for when to use apostrophes and where the exclamation point needs to
go in an address. If you specify sheet_textas the name of a worksheet or use
the style [book_name]SheetName, Excel builds the proper reference. Cell B11
in Figure 12.39 shows the result from an ADDRESS function that builds a ref-
erence to another workbook.
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