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Using the HYPERLINK Function to Quickly Add Hyperlinks
Using the
HYPERLINK Function to Quickly Add Hyperlinks
Function to Quickly Add Hyperlinks
Excel enables you to add a hyperlink by using the Excel interface. On the In-
sert tab, select the Hyperlink icon. Next, you specify text to appear in the
cell and the underlying address. Building links in this way is easy, but it is
tedious to build them one at a time. If you have hundreds of links to add, you
can add them quickly by using the HYPERLINK function.
The HYPERLINK function creates a shortcut that opens a document stored on
your hard drive, a network server, or on the Internet. This function takes the
following arguments:
link_location This is the URL address on the Internet. It could also
be a path, filename, and location in another file. For example, you
could link to "[C:\files\Jan2015.xls]!Sheet1!A15". Note that
link_locationcan be a text string enclosed in quotes or a cell that
contains the link.
Note that Excel does not check whether the link location is valid at
the time you created the link. If the link is not valid when someone
clicks it, the person encounters an error.
friendly_name This is the underlined text or numeric value that is
displayed in the cell. friendly_nameis displayed in blue and is under-
lined. If friendly_nameis omitted, the cell displays the link_location
value as the jump text. friendly_namecan be a value, a text string, a
name, or a cell that contains the jump text or value. If friendly_name
returns an error (for example, #VALUE!), the cell displays the error
instead of the jump text.
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