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44. To tell Excel that this is a special type of formula called an array
formula,hold down Ctrl+Shift while you press Enter.
Excel shows the formula surrounded by curly braces in the formula bar.
This is one single formula entered in 12 cells. Therefore, you cannot delete
or change one cell in the range. If you want to change the formula, you need to
delete all 12 cells in B84:B95 in a single command.
Figure 12.42 shows a TRANSPOSE function that occupies 12 cells.
The TRANSPOSE function transposes a vertical range into a horizontal ar-
ray, or vice versa.
You can also use TRANSPOSE to turn a vertical range into a hori-
zontal range.
The argument arrayis an array or a range of cells on a worksheet that you
want to transpose. The transposition of an array is accomplished by using
the first row of the array as the first column of the new array, the second
row of the array as the second column of the new array, and so on.
Using the
Using the RTD
Function and COM Add-ins to Retrieve Real-time Data
Third-party applications are available to send streaming real-time data to
an Excel spreadsheet. They became very popular with stock day traders in
the late 1990s. If you have one of these COM add-ins installed on your sys-
tem, you can set up a formula to retrieve real-time data from the COM add-
in by using the RTD function. If you have such a COM add-in installed, the
vendor of the add-in should provide sample workbooks with RTD functions
already in place.
RTD Function and COM Add-ins to Retrieve Real-time Data
The RTD function returns real-time data from a program that supports COM
automation. This function takes the following arguments:
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