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Figure 12.47.
Figure 12.47. After copying to Notepad, you can look for field names.
After copying to Notepad, you can look for field names.
This web service is returning data in XML. Excel provides the FILTERXML
function that enables you to deal with XML. Other web services might return
JSON instead of XML. In this case, you have to parse the return string, look-
ing for instances of field names and using MID to extract data. This will be
more difficult. Read on to learn how to parse XML using FILTERXML.
By design, the WEBSERVICE function is not volatile. Excel does not
run back out to the Web on every recalc to pull in new data. First,
this would slow down the workbook dramatically. Second, the owner
of the API where you are pulling data has likely published limits of
how many requests you can do per hour. If you exceed these limits, the
query starts returning an error message until the top of the next hour.
In the example in Figure 12.46 , the WEBSERVICE calculates when you
open the workbook, when you change the search term, or when you go
to the cell with the WEBSERVICE function and press F2 followed by
Enter. If you want the WEBSERVICE to calculate more frequently, ap-
pend &REPT("",RAND()*0) to the formula. This forces the formula to
update every time any cell is updated.
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