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Parsing XML from the WEBSERVICE Function Using the FILTERXML Function
Actually, the results show a page title and then 14 tweets.
44. Select an adjacent range of one column by 15 rows. With this web ser-
vice, this range should start one row below the range in step 2. Type
the formula =FILTERXML(Result,"//name")
=FILTERXML(Result,"//name"). Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
Excel returns the author of the 15 tweets.
You should always verify the results. By checking Twitter for recent
tweets by Twitter user 15min2exit, I was able to figure out that the value in
C10 is a page title and that the second Title field was associated with the
first Name field.
Figure 12.48 shows the last 15 VLOOKUP tweets and their authors.
Figure 12.48.
Figure 12.48. Use
FILTERXML entered as an array to return results from
entered as an array to return results from
WEBSERVICE function.
If you check out Excel Help for WEBSERVICE, there is a tiny workbook you
can download that retrieves data from . This workbook
provides a good example that you can follow and also shows how you can
extend the results.
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