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Using the DGET Function
Excel in Practice: Using
Excel in Practice: Using DSUM
with a Data Table
If you do not want to use a pivot table, you can do a crosstab ana-
lysis by using a combination of the DSUM function and the Data Table
command. The Data Table command works best when a problem is set up
with two variables. In the DSUM function, you might have two vari-
ables defined in the criteria range.
To set up a two-variable table using the DSUM function, follow these
11. Ensure that the upper-left corner of the table is a formula that
relies on at least two variables. In Figure 12.58 , cell B1 con-
tains a DSUM that relies on the criteria ranges in A17:I18.
DSUM with a Data Table
Figure 12.58.
Figure 12.58. The Data Table dialog requires two cells.
The Data Table dialog requires two cells.
22. Down the left side of the table, arrange a list of values that
should be substituted for one variable. In this example, the
column contains a list of products that will eventually be
substituted into cell B18.
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