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Signing In to Excel 2013
Figure 1.6.
Figure 1.6. When you open Excel 2013, you see the start Screen.
When you open Excel 2013, you see the start Screen.
Notice these elements of the start Screen:
In the top right, you see your picture and Windows sign-in informa-
tion. This lets you know that you are signed in as yourself.
In the left panel, you see recent Excel files opened on this computer,
or opened from SkyDrive or SharePoint 365 from any computer where
you were signed in with the same account.
In the bottom left, you have a link to display the File Open dialog to
open a file that is not in the list.
You have a large tile for a blank workbook.
You have a tile for Take a Tour. This template includes information
on Flash Fill, Quick Analysis, and Recommended Charts.
Depending on your screen resolution, you have 20 or more very col-
orful tiles showing things you can do in Excel, such as keep invent-
ory, track a budget, track wedding invitations, convert currency, and
In the top of the panel, you see a search box where you can search
for other templates online.
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