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Dismissing the Start Screen with the Escape Key
The Blank Workbook tile in the Start screen does not follow this logic. It al-
ways opens a workbook with no default settings. After I realized that this
Blank Workbook would not load my default settings, I gave up and abandoned
the Start screen.
I complained to the Excel team about this oversight of the Blank
Workbook tile failing to load from Book.xltx. They responded that
millions of people have used Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, and no one
was complaining about the Blank Workbook tile on the New... panel.
The root cause of the problem goes back even further. From Excel
1 through Excel 2003, there was an icon on the toolbar for New.
There was also a command on the File menu for New.... Believe it
or not, New and New... are very different things. New led
to the logic that would load the default Book.xlt workbook, whereas
New... led to a screen where you ended up with a workbook that did
not contain your defaults. Back in Excel 2003, it was one click to se-
lect New and four clicks to go through File, New... Blank Work-
book, OK. Therefore, most people used New and everything was
Starting in Excel 2007, New was banished to the Commands Not
in the Ribbon list of icons you could add to the Quick Access Tool-
bar and New... was pushed to the forefront. For people who under-
stood the difference, they either switched to Ctrl+N or added New
to the Quick Access Toolbar. Plus, just opening Excel 2007 or Excel
2010 automatically invoked the Ctrl+N version of New instead of
New.... Therefore, very few people ever encountered New... in
Excel 2007 or Excel 2010. Hence, no one complained. Now, with the Start
screen, people are going to encounter New... all the time, and they
are going to be unhappy about it.
Dismissing the Start Screen with the Escape Key
Dismissing the Start Screen with the Escape Key
The fastest way to kill the Start screen and to open a blank New work-
book with your default settings is to simply press the Esc key when you see
the Start Screen. This forces Excel into the Ctrl+N logic and your default
Book.xltx file is opened.
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