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Using XNPV to Calculate the Net Present Value When the Payments Are Not Periodic
vestment. If the first value is a cost or payment, it must be a negative
value. All succeeding payments are discounted based on a 365-day
year. The series of values must contain at least one positive value
and one negative value.
dates This is a schedule of payment dates that corresponds to the
cash flow payments. The first payment date indicates the beginning of
the schedule of payments. All other dates must be later than this
date, but they may occur in any order. Only dates are considered; any
times appended to the dates are truncated.
If any argument is nonnumeric, XNPV returns a #VALUE! error. If any number
in dates is not a valid date, XNPV returns a #NUM! error. If any number in
dates precedes the starting date, XNPV returns a #NUM! error. If valuesand
datescontain different numbers of values, XNPV returns a #NUM! error.
In Figure 13.15 , the company was purchased on March 15, 2010. The company
posted no net profit in 2010. The company was sold in February 2015. The
XNPVfunction in row 9 shows that this deal clearly beat the 3% hurdle rate.
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