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Using the Cloud for Storage and More
Using the Cloud for Storage and More
With your Windows Live account, you automatically get access to an 8GB
account on the SkyDrive. When you go to the File Open menu or File Save
As menu, you first have to choose if you want to save to the SkyDrive,
SharePoint, or your computer. After you make that first choice, you then can
browse to the folders and select a file.
If you save to the SkyDrive from a work computer and then later open Excel
2013 on a home computer, the file saved to the SkyDrive appears in your Re-
cent Files list on the other computer. There is no doubt that this is conveni-
ent and easier than carrying a flash drive back and forth. But are you ready
to rely on the cloud for saving all of your Excel files?
Relying On the Cloud
Relying On the Cloud
When the notion of cloud computing first came up, I thought it was crazy. Why
would anyone ever store files over the Internet? What if you had a big im-
portant meeting in a few minutes and the connection to the Internet goes down?
It just seemed dangerous.
However, about a year ago, I began to rely on the cloud for email. I enjoy
the freedom of checking email on my phone, tablet, home desktop, and office
desktop. I don t do major emailing on the phone, but I can go through and de-
lete emails so that I can get directly to work when I get to the desktop com-
puter. Before making this switch, I would transfer a 1.5GB Outlook .OST file
from a desktop to a laptop whenever I traveled. Now, I can sign in anywhere
and get to my email. And, if the Internet connection goes down, I can switch to
the phone or to the wireless access card to get to the email on the cloud. Bot-
tom line: I would never go back to a client-based email program.
I am still not convinced about storing my Excel files on the cloud. Unlike
email headers, which are tiny, Excel files can be huge. It takes a noticeable
amount of time to save to and load from the cloud. I cannot picture ever editing
Excel files on the phone, and the jury remains out on using Excel RT on the
tablet. My primary storage is still on the computer. If I have to take a file
home, then I save to the SkyDrive instead of copying to a USB flash drive.
Linking Excel to Various Accounts
Linking Excel to Various Accounts
Open Excel to a blank or any workbook, and then choose, File, Account. You
see your Microsoft account at the top of the screen. You can use the Add a
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