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Using Worksheets with Legacy Function Names
Table 14.2. New Distribution Function Names
For hypothesis testing, the functions are F.TEST, T.TEST, and Z.TEST. Con-
fidence tests are CONFIDENCE.NORM for the normal distribution and
CONFIDENCE.T for the Student s t-distribution.
Variance and standard deviation have always been available as functions
for a sample (VAR and STDEV) and a population (VARP and STDEVP). Microsoft
renamed these to be VAR.S, STDEV.S, VAR.P, STDEV.P. Microsoft also formal-
ized the fact that the old COVAR function is based on a population by renam-
ing it to COVARIANCE.P, and it added a sample version named COVARIANCE.S.
Using Worksheets with Legacy Function Names
Using Worksheets with Legacy Function Names
With the new naming scheme, many functions are in Excel 2013 twice. The new
VAR.P function works, but Microsoft has to support the old VAR function be-
cause millions of legacy spreadsheets exist that have been using VAR.
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