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255 numbers, a single rectangular reference counts as one of the 255 ar-
guments for the function. To find the smallest value in the range, you use
=MIN(B2:B60). To find the largest value in the range, you use =MAX(B2:B60).
Figure 14.1.
Figure 14.1. You use
You use MIN
MIN and
and MAX
MAX to find the smallest or largest receiv-
to find the smallest or largest receiv-
The MIN function returns the smallest number in a set of values. The argu-
ments number1, number2, ... are one to 255 numbers for which you want to find
the minimum value. You can specify arguments that are numbers, empty cells,
logical values, or text representations of numbers. Arguments that are error
values or text that cannot be translated into numbers cause errors. If an
argument is an array or a reference, only numbers in that array or referen-
ce are used. Empty cells, logical values, and text in the array or reference
are ignored. If logical values and text should not be ignored, you should use
MINA instead. If the arguments contain no numbers, MIN returns 0.
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