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The LARGE function returns the kth largest value in a data set. You can use
this function to select a value based on its relative standing. For example,
you can use LARGE to return a highest, runner-up, or third-place score. This
function takes the following arguments:
array This is the array or range of data for which you want to
determine the kth largest value. If arrayis empty, LARGE returns a
#NUM! error.
k This is the position (from the largest) in the array or cell range
of data to return. If kis less than or equal to 0, or if kis greater
than the number of data points, LARGE returns a #NUM! error.
Follow these steps to build a table of the five largest customer receiv-
11. Make the second argument of the function the numbers 1 through 5.
Starting from the data set shown in Figure 14.1 , insert a new column A
to hold the values 1 through 5.
22. In A66:A70, enter the numbers 1 through 5, as shown in Figure 14.2 .
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