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Using QUARTILE.INC to Break a Data Set into Quarters
Method #X, check out
NOTE%20N.pdf for a comparison of the methods.
to Break a Data Set into Quarters
Use QUARTILE.INC to divide populations into groups.
QUARTILE.INC to Break a Data Set into Quarters
MIN, MEDIAN, and MAX return the same value as QUARTILE.INC when
quartis equal to 0, 2, and 4, respectively.
The old QUARTILE function is included in Excel for compatibility only.
QUARTILE.INC is the renamed version of QUARTILE. The QUARTILE.INC func-
tion returns the quartile of a data set. Quartiles are often used in sales
and survey data to divide populations into groups. For example, you can use
QUARTILE.INC to find the top 25% of incomes in a population. These functions
take the following arguments:
array This is the array or cell range of numeric values for which
you want the quartile value. If array is empty, QUARTILE returns a
#NUM! error.
quart This indicates which value to return. You use 0 for the min-
imum value, 1 for the first quartile (25th percentile), 2 for the median
value (50th percentile), 3 for the third quartile (75th percentile), and
4 for the maximum value. If quartis not an integer, it is truncated. If
quartis less than 0 or greater than 4, QUARTILE returns a #NUM! er-
In Figure 14.8 , the formulas in B20:C23 break out the limits for each quartile.
The formula in cell B20 is =QUARTILE.INC($B$2:$B$17,0) to find the minimum
value. The formula in cells C20 and B21 is =QUARTILE.INC($B$2:$B$17,1) to
define the end of the first quartile and the start of the second quartile.
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