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Using PERCENTRANK.INC to Assign a Percentile to Every Record
significance This is an optional value that identifies the number of
significant digits for the returned percentage value. If it is omitted,
PERCENTRANK.INC uses three digits (that is, If significanceis
less than 1, PERCENTRANK.INC returns a #NUM! error.
This function is slightly different from RANK, so use caution. Typically,
RANK and other functions would ask for xas the first argument and array
as the second argument. If you use this function and everyone is assigned to
the 100% level, you might have reversed the arguments. The Excel Help is a
bit misleading with regard to significance. The Help topic indicates that a sig-
nificance of 3 generates a value accurate to In fact, a significance of
3 returns xx.x%.
In Figure 14.10 , the students GPAs are in B3:B302. The rank for the first
student is =PERCENTRANK.INC($B$3:$B$302,B3,3). Note that
PERCENTRANK.INC always starts with the lowest score at the lowest per-
Figure 14.10.
Figure 14.10. The
PERCENTRANK.INC function assigns percentile values to
function assigns percentile values to
an array of values.
an array of values.
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